Meet Only Light’s Technical Advisor Lindsay McGrail also featured on!


Lindsay McGrail

Lindsay McGrail

Lindsay McGrail, the Godmother and Technical Advisor of Only Light was featured on for her work on the film Gone Girl with David Fincher. She co-founded “Hollywood Detectives” with Bounty Hunter Art Torres, an agency that provides skilled actors in the areas of law enforcement and emergency procedures. Check out the link below that discusses her work on the blockbuster film, Gone Girl, – where she also gives Only Light a giant shout out!

At Only Light, we call Ms. McGrail the Godmother of Only Light because as soon as Evita, Thembi and Elena (Director, Writer, and Producer) of Only Light joined forces to pitch this movie to USC faculty – their first order of business was to find someone to talk to in order to make sure the movie was authentic. Ms McGrail came to our aid and met us in the food court at the University of Southern California along with a senior member of the LAPD Human Trafficking Vice Squad. She spent countless hours with us, going over scenarios, looking at the script and showing up to set to offer advice, and support!

In addition, at one point during post-production we had a run away clip which made a piece of dialogue go “out-of-sync.” We were at the finish line, post-color correction, 3 days before the screening and could not afford to go back and color correct these last few frames. We were devastated – countless hours on set and in post-production only to be derailed by a line of dialogue going out of sync. However Lindsay came to the rescue and through her connections got our film over to Modern Video who fixed our problem and saved our movie! (They also gave us a tour of their facilities and gave us a lesson on color correction). We can’t thank her enough for her generosity and her continual support of the film! Thank you Lindsay!!!!


Lindsay McGrail on set with Zac Skipp, producer on Only Light

Lindsay McGrail on set with Zac Skipp, producer of Only Light

Only Light at Modern Film and Video with Technical Advisor, Lindsay McGrail

Only Light at Modern Film and Video with Technical Advisor, Lindsay McGrail

Thembi Banks wins Best Screenplay for Only Light at the L.A. Indie Film Festival

Thembi Banks took home the award for “Best Screenplay” for Only Light at the L.A. Indie Film Festival on Sunday, October 26th! The two week film festival features the best independent filmmaking in Los Angeles, so we are extremely ecstatic the festival recognized the blue print that Only Light was made from and the brain that created the story!

A host of Only Light supporters, cast and family were on hand for the screening of Only Light and naturally we have pictures from the event and the wonderful award for “Best Screenplay!”

Congratulations Thembi!!!!!!

Only Light @ One Lens

Only Light Red CarpetOnly Light screened on Saturday, September 20 to a packed theater in Hollywood. The film took home both the Audience Award and Social Impact Award, to which we were both humbled and honored. We are immensely grateful to our audience who joined us in the fight against human trafficking.

Likewise, we would like to thank the judges, including Traci Blackwell (CW), DeVon Franklin (Franklin Entertainment), and Charles King (WME), who graciously donated the time to thoughtfully review each of the films. For some of us, it was the first time to watch the film with a public audience who had never seen the film before. It was amazing to feel the energy that filled the theater and hear the viewers’ reactions to the story.

Ultimately, we were honored to share the night with five other inspirational films and we congratulate them on their success. Only Light’s cast and crew look forward to the approaching festivals, including the Lady Filmmaker’s Festival in Beverly Hills on September 28 and La Femme Film Festival in Los Angeles on the weekend October 16.

Only Light Screening – Los Angeles

If you are free on Sunday. Only Light is playing at 2pm at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival in the Charles Aidikoff Theatre. See the film that won the One Lens Film Festival “Audience” and “Social Impact” Awards and say “Hello!”

Lady Filmmakers Festival at the Charles Aidikoff Theatre
150 S Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 $12

Info and Purchase Tickets Here:

If you can’t make this screening – the great news is that Only Light is coming to La Femme Film Festival at the Regal Theatre Stadium in Downtown Los Angeles – Thursday, October 16th as well as the L.A. Film Indie Festival in October (TBD) – stay tuned for more info!

Only Light Headquarters

“Director/Producer Selfie”


Support the Light!

Laurels copyOnly Light has been accepted into the 3rd Annual One Lens Film Festival at the Arc Theatre (Hollywood) on September 20, 2014. If you would like to see the film – please reserve your seat now, the tickets go really fast. We are all honored over at Only Light headquarters to be selected – so many great films have shown here.



Music from the Light

Composer Jongnic Bontemps

Composer Jongnic Bontemps

Many people have been asking about who did the music in the film Only Light! Well we are happy to say that Jongnic Bontemps a graduate from USC’s Scoring for Motion Picture and Television program and also fellow for the Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab at SkyWalker Ranch composed and scored the music in Only Light. Now you can play the theme music whenever you want!

USC Premiere, May 10, 2014

Hey All,

Here are some amazing photos from our first screening. What a night! Wish all of you would have been there to share the excitement with our cast and crew.  The screening for CTPR 546 films traditionally takes place in Norris Theater at USC. Two back-to-back screenings ensure that everyone will be able to see the films, as the 300 seat movie theater cannot accommodate all in one seating.

Dream Team!

Dream Team!

On stage

On stage

Producers Dan Funes, Peter Bawiec, Elena Ostroumova, Gary Levingston with Production Designer Maria Greschenko

Producers Dan Funes, Peter Bawiec, Elena Ostroumova, Gary Levingston with Production Designer Maria Greschenko


Our poster is here!

After six month of hard work, Only Light is finally complete. We finished the sound mix last Friday and today we are ready to unveil the poster. Beautiful art was created by Scott O’Gara. Making this film was an amazing ride; however it’s not quite over yet. In fact, it’s only the beginning. Stay tuned for exciting news soon to come!

Design by Scott O'Gara |

Design by Scott O’Gara |


Our Trip to Modern Videofilm

Zac Skipp

Zac Skipp, Producer

Today our team took a trip to Modern Video Film, a post production house in Burbank, CA. They helped us to put the titles and subtitles into our film, over the color correction video from Fotokem. Our consultant, Lindsey McGrail, recommended this state-of-the-art facility that has an extensive body of work, including Life of Pi, Avatar, and Game of Thrones. Lindsey put us in touch with Tal Fiala and Carissa Clark, who facilitated the entire process of receiving our materials from the USC Post Facilities, processing the files, adding the subtitles, checking them for quality control, and preparing them for delivery back to USC — quite a lengthy process from what we learned.

One of the most fascinating things we discovered is that their company has the ability to send files at a rate of 10 gigabytes per second, which is a little less than 10,000 times faster than the internet access we have in our homes. This is a result of their offices sitting on an Information Superhighway that allows them to transfer data at incredibly fast rates.

Our tour began in a theater where color correction for films takes place. The theater is equipped with both a standard movie screen and another screen to accommodate 3D films. The room is able to project 4K video (4000 lines of visual information on the screen) and boasts Dolby 7.1 surround sound. What this all means is that the theater provides you with a true to life cinematic experience as if you were sitting in a theater anywhere in the world.


Producer Zac Skipp and editor Rachel Mooradian


Color Correction Theater